4 Reasons to Hire a Tax Lawyer

Most taxpayers make a point of staying clear of the Internal Revenue Service. However, the IRS’ main responsibility is to collect taxes for the U.S. government, and they often reach out to those who have made tax mistakes. Because it can be difficult to deal with the IRS, most people hire a Louisiana Tax Lawyer to help them through the process. Below are several reasons to call an irs tax attorney.


Being notified of an audit is most taxpayers’ worst nightmare, and many worry they’ll incur additional fees. Because the auditing process is a legal contract between the IRS and the taxpayer, a client should approach the process with the same care they’d exercise in a civil case. Just as one would not go to court without legal counsel, one should hire an attorney for Tax Problem Resolution.


Criminal Charges

When the IRS attempts to file charges, the defendant should immediately hire a Louisiana Tax Attorney. The IRS files charges when it suspects a person has purposefully evaded his or her taxes or concealed income from the U.S. government. The penalties for tax evasion and fraud are steep, and when someone wants to reduce his or her potential punishment, they should hire a lawyer as soon as possible.

Missing Tax Returns

Even a responsible taxpayer can forget to file a return. When someone has a missing return that must be accounted and filed, they should hire an attorney to help them handle the task. The IRS may have detailed questions for why the return wasn’t filed, and a lawyer can explain the situation in a way that may result in the taxpayer being given leniency in getting the returns submitted.


Talking to the IRS requires a certain amount of finesse. If a person is not well-spoken or becomes flustered when under pressure, they can jeopardize the case if they make a mistake. When someone has trouble speaking clearly and assertively, they should hire a lawyer to work as a liaison. Lawyers can send letters and emails, make calls, and advocate for the client. Counselors can explain communications from the IRS in plain terms, and they can make the defendant’s intentions clear as well.

The IRS is aggressive when it’s time to collect taxes for the US government. Because it is obligated to ensure that all taxpayers pay their share, the IRS must sometimes work with those who are trying to shirk their civic duties. Americans can avoid trouble and minimize penalties by consulting an experienced tax lawyer.


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